Winter Arrived

Over the past two days we’ve received our first taste of winter this year. There has been a bunch of snow and school has been cancelled the last two days. Tuesday was blizzard like conditions so there was lots of wind and blowing snow. 

It’s made me even more thankful again to have a job that I don’t have to commute anywhere. As long as we don’t lose power or internet I can make my way to my home office in my cozy clothes, nice and warm, watching the snow outside and start working. 

When things outside finally slowed down I could then go out and start to clear things away. We bought a snowblower this year so this was the first time I had to use it. If I have to live here in a place that gets so much snow I’m very glad to finally have a snowblower to use. 

But wait, I don’t really have to live here anymore. I can work anywhere with an Internet connection. Jen hates winter too, so why do we live here?

I do love Canada and in particular the Annapolis Valley but I could do without winter. 

8 thoughts on “Winter Arrived

  1. I love winter but this could be because I grew up in Brisbane and have had enough hot and humid summers to last me a lifetime and more.

    Where would you move to?


    1. That is the big question Rachel, where to move. My wife really wants to live in the States someday, so it would have to be there if we were to move at some point.
      The problem is I don’t deal great with real strong heat either so summer in lots of south places would likely bother me as much as winter.
      I think someone needs to pay off my house for me then I can buy a second one somewhere for winter living!

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