Always Something

It really seems like there is just one thing after another that comes along. Just two weeks ago it was poor Alex at the hospital with an awful migraine. Last night it was Caile’s turn to end up there because she had a bumps all over her. It started with just a couple but before long there were many more.

Yup, that’s right the vaccine for chicken pox vaccine doesn’t completely prevent you from getting the disease. Now that I process that I’m sure I knew it at some point but for some reason I had gotten it in my head that it did. Though it isn’t 100% preventative even those who do catch it have milder cases than those without the vaccine. Hopefully as both Jen and I had mild cases anyway she will have a real easy time.

If this had to happen at least it had OK timing as it is a long weekend thanks to the new holiday this year in Nova Scotia. She will miss a Birthday Party and a Wedding but so far she seems OK with that. But now I have a purple shirt I’m wearing to the wedding and won’t have Caile to match with me. But I’ll wear the  shirt anyway because apparently a WordPress hoodie isn’t appropriate.

But other than those things we’ll have a nice quiet weekend with another storm called for on Sunday. I’m predicting lots of games and some movies on the addenda. Jen is out now picking up some things, one of them is hopefully the game of Clue. I haven’t played it in many years but it was always a favourite and I think the kids will like it too.

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