Discovery Centre Fun Day

We had a great family day in Halifax today. The Discovery Centre has a couple new exhibits set up that we hadn’t been to yet so that was our destination today in between shopping stops.

One of the new parts was a Sherlock Holmes mystery. They had eight chapters to the storey, each with their own clues and rooms. You had to walk through and try to figure out the crime. Maybe it is all the games of clue we’ve been playing but the kids really liked it. We might not be the best detectives though as we missed a couple pieces in the beginning that would have helped us solve it.

We always have fun even at the usual displays. I have to be careful when we go here though as they have a great Lego section and I could likely kill a lot of time there.

Alexandria took a spin in the chair.

Ella and I had fun building our own roller coaster.

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