More kids means less sleep and more sickness

Lately I feel like I’m always complaining about something. I really don’t mean to and honestly my life is pretty fantastic. But it always seems like there is something going on and I’d love to just have a stretch where I don’t get woken up at night and everyone in our house is healthy.

There were colds where people couldn’t breath at night, there was a migraine so severe we were at out patients on an IV. From there we moved into a kid with chicken pox.

Now yesterday it seems like the flu has hit our house. After last night I got thinking of this video a friend shared the other day.

The part that really hits home with me is it seems like there is always one of them that is getting up in the night. If it isn’t one of the kids the cat decides to have a turn and throw up on things to wake us up.

I’ll end as I started though I really do love my life and family, I just wish I wasn’t sick and could sleep at night.

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