Forgetful Sunday Morning

For once we were actually running a little early for church this morning. Jen decided to take advantage and run into Wal-Mart quick to pick up a couple things so we didn’t have to stop on the way home. We dropped her off at the door to save time and then went and found a parking spot.

It was pretty slow that time of morning so we parked very close to the door. For that reason we were all confused when she came out and started running in the opposite direction of our vehicle. There wasn’t even a vehicle that looked like ours over there. I turns out the woman in front of her had forgotten a bag at the cashier so Jen was running it over to her.

We pulled up to the other car to pick up Jen. From there we laughing about how we couldn’t figure out what she was doing at first. As we were pulling away the cashier came running out of the store. It took a minute but then I noticed Jen’s phone in her hand.

Forgetful morning all around it seems but everything ended up fine and everyone got their things.

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