Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day always reminds me of what I know everyday, I have three of the most amazing mothers in my life. 

My Mother in Law Linda. One of the most giving and selfless people I know. Always willing to do what ever she can to help out. Having her so close and everything she does with and for the kids is amazing. 

My Mother has always been there for me even though I didn’t always give her a reason to be. Even now that I’m grown she still comes  to help. Just this week she came and helped dig some new gardens and give advice on how to set it up. She is also going to help paint some rooms later this spring. 

That brings me to my wife Jen. She has taken all the good things she has learned from her mother and her grandmother and applied them to the most amazing mother to our children. Just in the last few weeks with me being next to useless she has taken on even more than she already does making sure our house and children are put first in her life. 

This morning for Mother’s Day the kids got up early and made signs and hung them wishing her a happy Mother’s Day and directed her to a gift. Then they helped her cook her own Mother’s Day breakfas. She then took them out to pick out her Mother’s Day gift. She wanted plants and flowers for the new garden. 

I’m an extremely lucky person to have these three mothers in mine and my children’s lives. One of these days when I’m feeling better I will make up for this Mother’s Day to Jen. 

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