Feeling Bummed

My dancing daughters are heading out to their last dance competition of the season. Last one I missed as I was traveling with work so was really looking forward to our weekend away and getting to see them dance again.

Plans changed quickly this morning when Noah woke up really early not feeling well. We were going to push through though as we figured he was mostly tired from lack of sleep. After breakfast though he was sick all over so that confirmed it. We’re going to have a father – son weekend, though not a fun one. 

I realized that I never wrote about our last one a few weeks ago when we went to see the Globe-trotters. It was an awesome show and we were able to hang out for the whole day. 

At the end Noah was getting some autographs on his basketball and we caught a couple pictures. Ace was our last person to see and he was excited to have her sign his ball. He then turned around so I could take a picture and I could see his face change. She thought he wanted his shirt signed and signed the back in sharpie! He was not super pleased about it. He was scared we were going to be mad about it because writing on our clothing isn’t a normal thing for us 🙂 I convinced him that it was cool but it wasn’t until Jen told him it was cool that he was really at ease.

How to traumatize your child

Today I’m fairly certain I traumatized Caile. For the past few days she has not been feeling well. Picked up a bug which was going around.

Everyone else in the house has been busy and that left Caile and I at home alone. She relaxed and tried to get feeling better when I worked. She’s come along way and is feeling much better but we decided today would be the same.

A small glitch though. In the middle of the night I woke up with the same bug she had. So we hung out together being sick. 

While we were watching a movie I felt the urge and made my way out of the room. I was pretty weak and not feeling well as the next thing I knew I could hear Caile crying and asking me if I was alright. She was on the phone with Jen and very scared. Having made it to the bathroom I promptly passed out. It must have been a bit of time as Caile had run down two flights of stairs and then back up before I came to. 

She was pretty freaked out but after assuring both her and Jen I was ok she calmed down. I fee awful for putting her through that. I can only imagine finding your parent lying on the bathroom floor not answering you. Pretty sure my constant apologizing for the rest of the day might be annoying her though. 

Nothing like family

After doing really well for a while after finishing my last round of meds Saturday I took a big step back. Monday I was able to get in to see my family doctor and she said it is quite common for this to come back so she immediately prescribed antibiotics again. 

To be sure it was the same thing though she also told me to send a stool sample to the hospital for testing. I was going to try running it there today but am feeling just horrible. Thankfully my sister offered to take it in for me. 

Family, always willing to do anything for you. Even deliver a bag of your poo. 

Feeling better

After four days of feeling horrible and then two days of taking it pretty easy I think I’m finally getting back to myself. 

Losing 15lbs in four days, although needed, is not ideal. Today I actually ate some food and it felt good. 

Taking the kids to dance class did wear me back out quite a bit. But I’m confident after taking it easy tonight I’ll be good tomorrow. 

The best as we can figure is that it is the antibiotics that wreaked havoc on my system. Hopefully now that I’m done with them I am at the end of it all. 

Once again I am blown away by team during all this. Not only do they all encourage me to make sure I take the time to get better but one of them had this sent to my house today for me. Thank you all!


Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day always reminds me of what I know everyday, I have three of the most amazing mothers in my life. 

My Mother in Law Linda. One of the most giving and selfless people I know. Always willing to do what ever she can to help out. Having her so close and everything she does with and for the kids is amazing. 

My Mother has always been there for me even though I didn’t always give her a reason to be. Even now that I’m grown she still comes  to help. Just this week she came and helped dig some new gardens and give advice on how to set it up. She is also going to help paint some rooms later this spring. 

That brings me to my wife Jen. She has taken all the good things she has learned from her mother and her grandmother and applied them to the most amazing mother to our children. Just in the last few weeks with me being next to useless she has taken on even more than she already does making sure our house and children are put first in her life. 

This morning for Mother’s Day the kids got up early and made signs and hung them wishing her a happy Mother’s Day and directed her to a gift. Then they helped her cook her own Mother’s Day breakfas. She then took them out to pick out her Mother’s Day gift. She wanted plants and flowers for the new garden. 

I’m an extremely lucky person to have these three mothers in mine and my children’s lives. One of these days when I’m feeling better I will make up for this Mother’s Day to Jen. 

Worst Weightloss Plan Ever

Although I’m sure it is highly effective, I would not recommend this weightloss technique to anyone. 

For the past three days I’ve been pretty much lying in bed feeling like garbage. Nothing I eat or drink stays with me for very long. It’s a horrible feeling. 

It’s the weekend and pretty nice weather but I don’t get to enjoy it with the rest of the family.  The last few hours though have been the best I’ve felt so I’m hoping I’m finally coming out of it.  Hopefully I can build some energy back up and enjoy tomorrow. 

Went way backwards

Thus has been a brutal winter, but it seems like it is finally turning to Spring. We’ve had a lot of snow melt away and I’m finally able to see some grass in some places of my yard. 

Not only was there a lot of snow but I also let this winter be an excuse to fall away from all the good habits I had built for myself. I’ve been scared to get on a scale because I know I’ve gained a bunch of weight back. 

This last Sunday it made things very evident when I put on a shirt I hadn’t worn in a while and it barely fit. I probably shouldn’t have worn it really. That’s when I decided to change and get back into my good habits. 

First thing is I’ve really cleaned my eating back up. I’m eating good food and healthy portions. I’m not constantly snacking on crap food. 

I’ve only gotten a couple workouts in so far though because when I woke up Monday it was like my body was punishing me for not giving it the junk it was craving and making it work so hard during the workouts. 

I’ve had a headache since then and haven’t been sleeping well at nights. It’s taken a toll on my family life isn’t the evenings and I haven’t done enough excersise either. 

Thanks to my awesome job I don’t have to go anywhere to work so I’ve been able to pop some painkillers and work away. I do hope that I sleep tonight though and wake up with no head pain so I can get feel like myself again. 

More kids means less sleep and more sickness

Lately I feel like I’m always complaining about something. I really don’t mean to and honestly my life is pretty fantastic. But it always seems like there is something going on and I’d love to just have a stretch where I don’t get woken up at night and everyone in our house is healthy.

There were colds where people couldn’t breath at night, there was a migraine so severe we were at out patients on an IV. From there we moved into a kid with chicken pox.

Now yesterday it seems like the flu has hit our house. After last night I got thinking of this video a friend shared the other day.

The part that really hits home with me is it seems like there is always one of them that is getting up in the night. If it isn’t one of the kids the cat decides to have a turn and throw up on things to wake us up.

I’ll end as I started though I really do love my life and family, I just wish I wasn’t sick and could sleep at night.

Hot Toddies Don’t Cure Colds

I was hoping that hot toddies would cure this cold I quickly came down with last night but no such luck. 

I mean they didn’t hurt anything, and my throat feels a bit better, I think. But I’m still all stuffed up and can’t breath right. Now I’m just hoping that they actually help me sleep a bit tonight.

Last night did not go well, and Christmas morning being both sick and tired will not be fun. 

So the morale of this story is: don’t expect hot toddies to cure your cold, but go ahead and have some anyway.