Wapuu Colouring Pages

My family has fallen in love with Wapuu, especially my son. He loves his Wapuu shirt and every time he puts it on in the morning he asks me if I’ll wear mine too.

Lately he has been drawing and painting versions of Wapuu. He came home from school excited the other day to show me what appeared to be a giraffe version with a very long neck.

In case you’re somehow not familiar with Wapuu you can find out more about him here http://wapuu.jp/

Today I had a few minutes so I decided to help him out a bit and took a couple of images and turned them into colouring pages for him to do. They aren’t a great job and the Wapuunk version was a bit tricky in spots, but printed out they will do the trick for him.

If you’re interested you can grab them here.

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