Reason number …

No longer can I keep track of the number of reasons I love my job. But this is up there with the very top of them.

Yesterday I received this feedback from one the people I had chatted with. It wasn’t only for me as they have chatted with a number of my team over the past while, I just happened to be the lucky one to help right before they left this:

One of the main reasons I am a great fan of WordPress is the chat line. It is especially important to me as I am deaf and trying to hear instructions over the telephone is fraught with difficulty. Anyway, I have learned to use your chat line when I get stuck and I have never been disappointed. Not only do all the people with whom I have chatted know the right answers, they come over as really nice people – the sort you would like to have as friends. I’m sure some could find a fault somewhere but I’m damned if I could.

This made my day yesterday and it carried right over today. I’m very lucky I get to talk with so many interesting and neat people. Of course some days can be stressful or you can let things get to you, but then something like this comes along and all that fades away.

One thought on “Reason number …

  1. Sandy, I didn’t realize you work for WordPress! That’s awesome. I will definitely use that chat function now that I know it exists. I’ve come across my own challenges occasionally with WordPress and knowing that people like you are out there to help is great to know.

    Hoping this finds you and your family doing well.



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