Proud Father

Today has been an extremely proud day for me. My children never cease to amaze me in all the things they can do and accomplish. Today it was my three daughters who all really out did themselves.

Alexandria finished writing her exams today. When we arrived home after the last one this afternoon she checked online and all the marks were in except for the one she wrote today. Over the past few weeks she has been working extra hard at studying for these exams. We have pushed her hard and she answered by buckling down and keeping with it. Her efforts really paid off and all the marks reflected that. It hasn’t been the easiest year, but she proved once again that when she tries her best she is capable of doing very well.

Tonight Caile and Ella simply blew me away. They have been working hard for a long time now preparing to put on the play Wizard of Oz at there school. It has meant lots of learning lines both at school, during long practice days and also here at home. Today was show time, they put on three shows today starting this morning and then we just got home shortly ago.

They spent most of the play on screen with Caile being Dorthy and Ella right with her as Toto. The whole production and everyone involved did an amazing job, but seeing them up together filled my heart with pride and happiness and at points brought tears to my eyes which doesn’t happen very often.

Caile was always my shy and reserved child so to see her up in front of a large audience shining was almost strange but felt so wonderful. Ella was only given the role of Toto a couple weeks ago but she put everything into it and learned her lines and cues so fast.  The two of them together seemed like naturals on the stage.

Here is just a small clip of them on stage together alone with Caile singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

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