That proud teary eyed feeling

Tonight I was digging through Noah’s backpack looking for his homework book that goes back and forth between school. It wasn’t there, but I found a little piece of paper buried underneath his snow pants. Apparently a few weeks ago as part of a smaller group of the class they did an exercise where theyContinue reading “That proud teary eyed feeling”

Dance Competition Dad

For the past two weekends our family has stepped into the world of dance competitions for the first time. All three of our oldest daughters have been involved with dance at some point. Alexandria no longer does as horse riding has become her main activity. Although Noah loves to shake it around the house hasn’tContinue reading “Dance Competition Dad”

Proud Father

Today has been an extremely proud day for me. My children never cease to amaze me in all the things they can do and accomplish. Today it was my three daughters who all really out did themselves. Alexandria finished writing her exams today. When we arrived home after the last one this afternoon she checkedContinue reading “Proud Father”

A Proud and Grateful Son

From a very young age my Mother and I were good friends.¬†We had four years where I was the only child and we grew a strong bond. Even though she was really almost a child herself she spent time with me, read to me, played with me, and talked with me. I’m convinced that anythingContinue reading “A Proud and Grateful Son”