Date your spouse

By no means am I a relationship expert but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about having a happy and healthy relationship. My wife and I have been married for over ten years and we love each other deeply. She is my best friend. However it seems to become easy to let life and everything else in it take priority.

Lately that is where I feel we’ve been. With so many things happening between work and everything our kids are involved in, we don’t seem leave any time for us to even talk. Most nights we are together watching TV or relaxing but we will both end up having either our computer or phone with us. Sometimes just checking email and Facebook, but other times doing work or planning the coming days.

Having both of us work from home should make it even easier to stay connected. Somehow it is almost like we take the fact that we are in the same place together so much of the time for granted and not really be together.

We have a family vacation coming up. For the first time ever I’m not looking forward to getting away from work, but getting away from the rest of life is going to be a welcome break. It is still a family vacation though so there isn’t going to be any real time for just us.

This is me realizing that I need to make the time and deliberately ensure that we get time together. Set date times away from the house where chores and distractions are easy to get in the way. They don’t need to be big elaborate or expensive dates, but just together over a coffee, or a walk alone together. When we were first dating we used to love just going for a drive, no where in particular but just driving and talking. These are the things we need to get back to.

I encourage everyone to make time and to date your spouse.

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