Day 6 Christmas Note

Day 6 Christmas Note

Today’s note was pretty good timing as Ella and I just went out yesterday for our Christmas shopping date. We had a great time and it is obviously building good memories for her as we hadn’t had one yet this year when she wrote this note for me.

Dad. Thank you for taking us out on shopping dates I love spending time with you. I love that we have our weekends full with fun activities. Its fun to go around and spend time with our family. I thank you that you and mom plan out our weekend so we have something new and fun every day I love you so much ❤️ xoxo ❤️

Thanks for reading Sincerely Ella ❤️ xoxo

Day 6 Christmas Note

Very Modest

Ella and I went out on a Christmas shopping date today. When we were sitting having a treat I tried sneaking a picture of her. She asked if I just took a picture of her but I jokingly denied it. She came and looked at my phone and I showed her the pictures I took. She gave me a bit of an irritate look so I explained I just couldn’t help it she’s so cute. Her response:

Well you got that part right!

Donair Date

For months now we’ve been putting off painting Caile’s room. We had some repair work done to the top of her wall and ceiling so it has been needing done since then. We’ve even had the paint for the whole time. Jen and I finally took the afternoon to get it done. Neither of us are painters but I think it turned out pretty well. Now she has two purple and two green walls.

It seems like I’ve written about donairs a lot on the blog. While I do really enjoy donairs I don’t really eat them very often. Since my month of being really good I’ve been wanting to treat myself with one though. So with that good month and after knocking that off that big item from our todo list we decided to go out for a donair date night.

It might not be super fancy, but anytime Jen and I can go out by ourselves is a big deal. Besides House of Dough makes some delicious donairs. The large just about got the best of me though. But it was so good I had to finish it off. From now on though I think I’ll still with the small as sitting here at home I’m settling in nicely to my meat coma while my arteries harden up just that little bit more.


Christmas Shopping with Noah

Today I was able to get out on my first shopping date with one of the kids for the year. We’ve started drawing names so each Jen and I take out two kids individually to pick out small gifts for their siblings and have a treat with Mom or Dad. 

We had some ideas before we went on what he wanted to get them and as luck would have it we could get all three at the same store!

We timed it around lunch time because for his treat Noah wanted a cheese burger. Trying to be good I packed a wrap and apple for myself to eat right before we pulled in so I wouldn’t be tempted by McDonalds food. 

Once I had Noah all setup with his happy meal I tried opening his toy for him and knocked over my full hot coffee all over my foot and floor. Just the kind of scene I wanted in a busy restaurant. Noah thought it was kind of amusing and we were both impressed the have me a new one when I went to tell them what I had done. 

Besides that mishaps we had a fun time. Looking forward to getting out with Alexandria very soon as well. 


Surprise Date Night

Last night Jen surprised me pretty good. She had plans for a while to go to the movies last night with a friend. After supper as I was cleaning things up she surprised me to let me know that it was actually her and I who were going to movies and that my mother was on her way to look after the kids.

My first reaction was to surprise her back, so I told her that we couldn’t go because I had scheduled some meetings at work earlier for once the kids went to bed seeing as she wasn’t going to be around. I guess that was pretty mean, but I didn’t let it go on too long before I told her I was kidding.

We went to see the Intern which I had been wanting to see and it didn’t disapoint. It wasn’t a complex movie but it was perfect to go and watch with Jen so we could spend a bit of time just us.

After the movie I told Jen I was going to switch out my hoodies for a suit and tie everyday. Pretty sure that wouldn’t last very long though, having only one suit that doesn’t really fit me anymore.

The kids came home from school and were thoroughly confused as to what was happening. They came in the door than ran back out, “Why’s dad in a suit? He’s all dressed up, he’s even got that gel stuff in his hair”



Change of Plans

Today Jen had a rare day off during the week. When we found out about this we decided to take advantage and I made arrangements to be off work today and work another day instead. Our plan was to hike Cape Split for the first time together. Jen has never made the hike before and I did it many years ago probably when I was around 12. I don’t really remember it at all, and I’m not sure I even made it to the top.

This plan had me very excited for a couple reasons. I’ve wanted to do the hike for some time but just never seem to get around to it, but the main reason is because Jen and I never seem to get time alone together besides at night when the kids are in bed. Even that with an almost 16 year old means we aren’t really alone because she stays up almost as late as we do and there have been times I go to bed before her.

We’ve been getting a fair amount of rain the past few days so I knew there was a possibility that today wouldn’t happen. But today itself was supposed to be overcast but no real rain. We ended up getting rain this morning coming down fairly heavy for a bit early so everything was soaked. Anecdotal stories from friends and family suggested that the hike wouldn’t be real enjoyable with a wet, muddy trail. Wet roots and fallen leaves would make things slippery and not the easy hike we were both looking for today. Therefore we decided to put it off until another time.

We were disappointed but really spending time together is what we really looking forward to and we were still able to do that. As I wasn’t going to get the exercise from the hike though I started the day with a run. I intended to just go for a short one at a decent pace but decided to keep pushing and go for 10k at the same pace I’ve been doing 5k runs. To my surprise I was able to do it!

We did have some errands to run but before that we dropped off some books to our local Wee Library and then went for a walk around the marsh where it is located as well. Once the errands were done we decided to go out and have lunch together. Quick calculations while we were there have us guessing that it was about two years since we shared a meal out just the two of us.

It wasn’t the day we initially planned but we made the most of it and had a fun day, even while running errands.

First Date – Wolfville Reservoir Park

We took the kids swimming at the Wolfville Reservoir Park recently. This is one of my favourite places in the world. Not only does it have a nice walking trail and a mountain bike course, but it also has a swimming area and an amazing view over the Minas Basin to Cape Blomidon. Even with all these wonderful things going for it none of them are the reason it is one my favourite place, the reason is more sentimental than that.

Roughly twelve years ago this is where Jen and I came for our first date. We had known each other for a while but were only coworkers / friends. We met while working together at a call centre and thankfully we had an instant messaging type program that we could use to talk to other because I don’t know if I would have ever talked to her if I had to walk up face to face. Eventually things all aligned and we ended up going out together. I was driving but she told me where to go, it was a surprise for me. We ended up at the Wolfville Reservoir Park. I had never been there before but she had been a number of times. We ended up going for a walk around the water areas and then sat on a bench with a view looking out towards Blomidon, although I didn’t pay much attention to the view.

Even though I was incredibly shy, and thought she was more there just being nice to me than actually being interested, I made the most of it. We sat there and talked for a quite a while, though I’m not really sure how long. If we could have stayed there together all night I would have never left. Despite me being to much of a coward to of make any sort of move that night, we also had our first kiss. That’s when it really changed for me. Obviously, for some reason, she was actually interested and this had the potential to something more than just one date.

Fast forward to now and I’m very thankful for that first night. We don’t end up at the park all that often, but every time we are there I take at least a minute to go sit on the same bench and remember.

Date your spouse

By no means am I a relationship expert but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about having a happy and healthy relationship. My wife and I have been married for over ten years and we love each other deeply. She is my best friend. However it seems to become easy to let life and everything else in it take priority.

Lately that is where I feel we’ve been. With so many things happening between work and everything our kids are involved in, we don’t seem leave any time for us to even talk. Most nights we are together watching TV or relaxing but we will both end up having either our computer or phone with us. Sometimes just checking email and Facebook, but other times doing work or planning the coming days.

Having both of us work from home should make it even easier to stay connected. Somehow it is almost like we take the fact that we are in the same place together so much of the time for granted and not really be together.

We have a family vacation coming up. For the first time ever I’m not looking forward to getting away from work, but getting away from the rest of life is going to be a welcome break. It is still a family vacation though so there isn’t going to be any real time for just us.

This is me realizing that I need to make the time and deliberately ensure that we get time together. Set date times away from the house where chores and distractions are easy to get in the way. They don’t need to be big elaborate or expensive dates, but just together over a coffee, or a walk alone together. When we were first dating we used to love just going for a drive, no where in particular but just driving and talking. These are the things we need to get back to.

I encourage everyone to make time and to date your spouse.