Day three – NYC

We spent yesterday in New York City!

We booked our hotel in Stamford CT and took the train from there into Grand Central. It was the kids first time in a train and it was a great way to get into the city. 

Once in we wandered around a bit. Went into Time Square to see the buildings and shops. We probably spent too much time walking around. The kids almost got bored. For lunch we walked over to 30 Rock and grabbed a hotdog from a street cart. 

From there we jumped on the subway to head down to get to the Statin Island ferry. Everyone seemed a little stressed when they saw all the people and no seats. But it didn’t take long to get some and I think the subway trips became one of Noah’s favourite parts. Using the polls like he was some sort of dancer. 

The ferry ride was nice, we just went over and back. On the way back we had a better view of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan. 

When we got back we hopped right on the subway again and back up to Central Park. I love Central Park and so did everyone else. We spent too much time walking when we first got there and should have made our way to the park earlier so we could have had more time. There were places we wanted to see in there that we didn’t make it too. The park is amazing such an awesome open space with so much beauty, yet surrounded by a huge city. When I was here last time there were some paths I went down where I was the only person around. Yet I knew there were millions of people so close by. 

We want to come back again sometime and do some of the cool things like take in a Broadway show and maybe Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. Jen and I alone would also like to come back by ourselves too. I feel much more comfortable working the subway system now so next time will be even smoother. 

By the time we grabbed the subway back to Grand Central to catch our train we were all  exhausted. It was a fun day!

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