Day four – Conneticut to Maryland

Today was our last driving day to get to the main area we are staying. We left at a good time and headed to Easton Pennsylvania so we could break up the drive at the Crayola Experience. 

On the way we met up with our friends from New Brunswick who had a bit of a delayed start to their vacation, but now we can spend the rest of it with them. 

This was a favourite place for everyone and we plan to come back again someday. There were many activities that the kids enjoyed and we didn’t even get to do everything or take in any of the shows they out on. 

Each if the kids made their own crayons. You could choose the colour, choose an image and the name of the crayon. It then prints out a label and gives you a blank crayon you can roll the label onto. I think Noah especially could have spent all day making crayons for himself. 

Some of the other fun things was a large projection area that had a scene on the wall. There was a large group of tablets you could draw an image or colour pictures and they would then show up in the scene. 

From there we moved on to an area you could dance and move and the crayola crayon person would mimic what you were doing. 

The melting area was fun too. There were large stations setup with melted crayon wax that you could use to draw and make your own pictures. There were also stations you could take a full crayon and put it into a machine that would melt it into a mould so that you could have a little figure to take home. 

There were parts of the next drive that were a pretty stressful. When a tornado warning popped up on my phone and we saw the dark crazy clouds near by it freaked us out a bit. We didn’t see anything really but the torrential rain and thunder and lightning storms we hit made it almost impossible to see at times. Luckily it was in heavy traffic so we were barely moving. 

In the end we made it to our B&B in Maryland about 20 minutes outside of Washington. So far our host is fantastic and so is the home. We have 10 people staying here and there is lots of room. 

We essential have the full top floor to our selves. There is a large room on the other side that has a library full of books. It has a foosball and pool table. Our host has large maps on the wall with pins for all the places she has had guests from. 

On our way in last night we were texting with her back and forth and she told us where a grocery store was so we could stop on our way in. 

One of my favourite places so far was last night after I unloaded the car I went into the screened in gazebo in the backyard. There is a fountain trickling water in the background. The moon was bright in the sky on between some tree branches. It was quiet and fireflies were flashing around the yard. It was around 9:00pm and still 30 degrees Celsius out, perfect!


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