Fitbit vs Pebble

For quite a while now I’ve really enjoyed my first generation Pebble watch. Right before we went on vacation the strap broke on it.

I picked up a new strap but I couldn’t find one the right size so I choose the closest I could find. It was 20mm when it really should be 22mm. This allows enough wiggle room that the strap kept coming off. At one point early in the trip I thought I lost the watch. Turns out it fell off as I was digging in my backpack and it was in there. That was my sign though that I needed to take it off.

The rest of the trip I went without it. So no notifications came in at all and it was pretty peaceful. I keep the sound and vibration off on my phone already so I relied on the watch.

What did I miss? Especially when I’m out I did miss getting phone and text notifications. I get very few of these and typically when I do they are important. The email and other notifications I don’t care about anymore. Not having the time in easy view was annoying too. I didn’t wear a watch for a long time before this watch but now I miss having the time there. It didn’t come into play on vacation but I really like the silent alarm as well. 

For a long time I’ve also wanted to get a Fitbit, but wearing two things on my wrist wasn’t going to work for me. When I was running more, like I need to get doing again, I loved tracking my runs. Having a Fitbit would allow me to track that and a lot more as well. The Surge looks very interesting to me. At first look it seems like it would do everything I’m looking for. 

The big downfall is the price. Pretty sure I might get in trouble spending that much on another gadget. I could go with a lower end Fitbit and not have things like the notifications and not have some of the tracking. The Charge might be the happy medium. I get most of what I’m looking for and could use my phone to track workouts. I might even be able too get away with the cost. If I could sell the Pebble that would help me even more. 

Does anyone have opinions one way or the other?

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