Library Summer Reading Club

Each year the Valley library system here puts on a summer reading club. It is an awesome idea to keep kids reading and gives them some great incentive to do it as well.

You sign up for the program and you are given a sheet with different tasks to complete over the summer. As you cross off so many of the tasks you can go check in at the library and get small prizes like stickers and temporary tattoos. At the end when you have completed the correct number you are given a Fast Pass for Upper Clements Park!

When we were on vacation we were able to cross off a number of things like go to a Zoo, visit a Museum. They also did some reading and other tasks while we were driving and on the ferry on the way home.

Today I walked in to find Caile and Ella sitting in the bathroom with a book. One of the boxes is to read in every room in your house. They let me take a picture, but Caile told me I had to put an explanation to what was happening if I was going to post it on my blog.

Reading in the bathroom
Reading in the bathroom
Check List
Check List

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