First Date – Wolfville Reservoir Park

We took the kids swimming at the Wolfville Reservoir Park recently. This is one of my favourite places in the world. Not only does it have a nice walking trail and a mountain bike course, but it also has a swimming area and an amazing view over the Minas Basin to Cape Blomidon. Even with all these wonderful things going for it none of them are the reason it is one my favourite place, the reason is more sentimental than that.

Roughly twelve years ago this is where Jen and I came for our first date. We had known each other for a while but were only coworkers / friends. We met while working together at a call centre and thankfully we had an instant messaging type program that we could use to talk to other because I don’t know if I would have ever talked to her if I had to walk up face to face. Eventually things all aligned and we ended up going out together. I was driving but she told me where to go, it was a surprise for me. We ended up at the Wolfville Reservoir Park. I had never been there before but she had been a number of times. We ended up going for a walk around the water areas and then sat on a bench with a view looking out towards Blomidon, although I didn’t pay much attention to the view.

Even though I was incredibly shy, and thought she was more there just being nice to me than actually being interested, I made the most of it. We sat there and talked for a quite a while, though I’m not really sure how long. If we could have stayed there together all night I would have never left. Despite me being to much of a coward to of make any sort of move that night, we also had our first kiss. That’s when it really changed for me. Obviously, for some reason, she was actually interested and this had the potential to something more than just one date.

Fast forward to now and I’m very thankful for that first night. We don’t end up at the park all that often, but every time we are there I take at least a minute to go sit on the same bench and remember.

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