Shaun the Sheep Movie

This morning we went into the city to see an advanced screening of Shaun the Sheep Movie. It is done by the same people that made Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit. I’d heard of these movies but never seen them so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I had also never heard of Shaun the Sheep so it wasn’t really excited about going to watch it.

Jen had received some tickets to go see it before it actually hits theatres though and the kids thought it looked funny so we went off. It turned out to be a really well done movie and quite funny too. I laughed a number of  times. There is no real speaking which seemed odd to me at first, but it didn’t need it.

As part of the event they had a bunch of swag to give away so the kids all received Shaun the Sheep masks which they loved. My nephew left his on the entire movie. The also brought home stickers and temporary tattoos.

It felt like a lot of movies though because Jen and I went to the theatre last night for a date and watched Paper Towns. I almost gave in and grabbed snacks last night but stayed strong and didn’t.

Pretty sure I’m going to have to watch the other two movies now too.

3 thoughts on “Shaun the Sheep Movie

  1. Back when I was a children’s media reviewer, we got to review these, and they were some of my favorites! Love the expressions on their faces. I think I reviewed them on VHS :/ Glad it’s standing the test of time.


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