Rest Day and a Good Article

Yesterday was a rest day for me. I had just done six days of evening workouts and for the last four of those I did 5k runs in the morning. In my brain I know rest days are good things and that your body needs them too, but for some reason I always feel guilty. Especially in the beginning while I know I’ve just had a whole bunch of rest days which is why I now need to work.

While I was searching for articles to help me feel better about taking a rest day I came across this article I hadn’t seen before The 6 Weight-Loss Tips That Science Actually Knows Work. Although it doesn’t have anything to do with rest days it’s a really good article, yet depressing for someone like me at the same time. Knowing that I’ll always have to work harder than some people to even just keep my weight once I reach my goal is a little defeating but it really makes sense to me to.

Last time I went through this I stopped too soon, realistically I’ll never be able to stop being careful. This time I won’t make that same mistake and I’ll keep going. Not as hard as I’m going right now but I’ll make sure I keep eating well and exercising and not let me guard down when I get feeling pleased about where I am. I’ve seen how fast I can throw away the hard work.

At least I did get a little big of exercise in though mowing my field of weeds I sometimes refer to as my lawn. Being a hot, humid day that pretty much did me in. Probably as much sweating as when I run.

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