First Sleep Over

Over the weekend Noah went to his first ever sleep over at a friends house. It’s irrational but I always get a little worried when the kids go for a sleep over, especially the first time. I was pretty sure Noah would be fine, but there’s always that chance that they are going to get scared or home sick and want to be picked up.

Caile and Alexandria never had any problems sleeping over anywhere either, but when Ella went for her first, which as at my mother’s house, she couldn’t do it and we needed to go pick up a crying scared little girl 😦

Noah was more like the older two. He had no issues at all and had an awesome time playing with his friends. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that it was at our good friends home who we get together with quite often so he knows their parents as well as them. That also made it really good for me too because I had no worries at all that way.

It always makes me feel pretty proud and happy though when I get reports back that my child was very well behaved and polite. It’s so nice that they save their poor behaviour just for us 😉

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