Noah’s Birthday Party

Today we had Noah’s birthday party with all his friends. We rented the local community centre which has rooms you can have the part itself in and then access to the gym as well.

The party had a Skylanders theme. The plates, treat bags, some presents, and one of the games all related around Skylanders. The game is one that Jen created and it was a big hit.

The kids all sat in a circle in the middle of the gym and played pass the present. The idea is music gets played and you pass the present around the circle, when the music stops if you’re holding the present you’re out. If you were the last one you get to keep the present. This time there was a twist though. If you were out you came up to the big Punch Out Kaos board and punched out a space and inside was a piece of paper with a task to perform. When you perform your task you received a small prize.

Some of the tasks were easy like sing a nursery rhyme, do 10 jumping jacks, and lead a conga line through the gym. Last night I was helping Jen come up with some more tasks so I added ones like score a soccer goal on Sandy, and hit Sandy with a dodge ball. The kids seems to get a big kick out of them all and I got a bit of exercise in the process.

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