Week Five Summary

This week it has become obvious to me that I know nothing about how to lose weight. In my week four summary I was still working out pretty solid and eating pretty good as well and I lost no weight. This week however I gave in many more times on my eating and snacking. Then pretty much gave up on my evening workouts. I think I only did one maybe two this week.

I was scared to get on the scale this morning for my weigh in but as it turns out I was still the same weight. This makes three weeks in a row my weight hasn’t moved but I’ve been doing worse with my eating and working out, so it is very strange to me.

Running however has still been going well. I had five runs in this week for an almost 30km total distance. My 10k run this week was under an hour. Not as fast as my last years Valley Harvest run, but it is getting closer.


Last week: 201lbs
Now: 201lbs
Lost: 0lbs

Starting this week I’m going to start tracking my eating more. I hate counting calories but I think I need to for at least a bit so I can bet back into the swing of things.


One thought on “Week Five Summary

  1. Good job on the running. Weight loss takes time but food is a really big part of it unfortunately. Keeping a food diary is one of the biggest things that has helped me…only works though if you write down every single bite, it can surprise you (it did for me!). Good luck!


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