Sweet Sixteen

In just a few more hours it will officially be Alexandria’s sixteenth birthday. My baby girl is growing up so fast it’s crazy. My birthday’s are one thing to make me feel older, but when think that she is now old enough that she can get her license and drive a car it is overwhelming. Where did the years go? They seem so fast and yet so long at the same time.

Today we started the celebration. She had a couple ideas of what she wanted to do for her actual birthday party with her friends. A few years back the movie Hotel Transylvania came out right around her birthday and she and some friends went to see it. As it turns out the sequel  to it just came out and she almost choose that for her party with her friends. Ultimately she decided something else so instead we went as a family to see it today. It was a pretty cute and funny movie. Jen and I laughed as much as anyone else I’d say.

Alexandria you have grown into a beautiful woman and I love you very much. Stop growing up on me already though, I’m not ready to have you getting this old.

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