Public Speaking

Like many, or most people public speaking is a bit of a phobia of mine. It’s not one that I can’t get over, but certainly not something I enjoy. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had to get up in front of people but that’s going to change soon.

Over the past little bit I’ve had a few offers to talk about WordPress in particular, I’ve never come out and given straight answer on whether I would do it or not. Deep down I want to be able to these sorts of things but it is just so uncomfortable. So I leave the door open but never come right out and jump in.

That’s going to end soon. It’s good to get out your comfort zone and do things that are hard, it will help me grow. The first time coming up will kind of force me into it. At our coming all company get together each of us will do a flash talk. It can be pretty short and about any topic we want so that makes it easier, but it is still in front of a bunch of people most of who I have never met before.

I’m also going to commit to doing a talk at our local Refresh Annapolis Valley meetup that we do once a month. The organizer of the new WordPress meetup in Halifax has helped me work out a good topic for me to talk about at a future event there as well.

Hopefully when I get a few of these under my belt I’ll feel better about doing it more often. Talking about and helping people with WordPress is something I really enjoy doing either one on one or in small groups. If I can do that with even more people it will be even better.

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