The All Knowing

Ah the joys of parenthood. Caile is at that age, really she’s been there for a while, where she realizes her Parents don’t know everything, but that’s OK because she has a solution.

Today she brought home her musical instrument from school that she will be playing in the band. She decided early on she wanted it to be the clarinet and that’s what she ended up with. Jen and my sister both played it when they were younger, and even though I played the trumpet she wanted nothing to do with it.

Her younger siblings were in the car and asked her if they could see it when she jumped in, she told them it wasn’t together but she would show them the pieces. Joking around with her I asked if she knew how to put it together. She said she didn’t but would figure it out.

Mom will know how to put it together, well she should, but if not that’s OK because I’ll just use YouTube.

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