A tale of two sisters

A tale of two sisters

We woke up to find out that schools are closed again today, the third day in a row, due to snow and road conditions.

Noah was up first can came to check if there was school and was excited about the news and delivered the news to two of his sisters. He came back to let us know how they took it describing and acting it out at the same time.

Ella, in a depressed voice asked, really? Then hung her head in disappointment and walked back into her room.

Caile, excited with a smile, gave an approving nod of the head and declared, good I’m going back to bed.

Very Modest

Ella and I went out on a Christmas shopping date today. When we were sitting having a treat I tried sneaking a picture of her. She asked if I just took a picture of her but I jokingly denied it. She came and looked at my phone and I showed her the pictures I took. She gave me a bit of an irritate look so I explained I just couldn’t help it she’s so cute. Her response:

Well you got that part right!

Bacon Lover

Today the kids all had the day off school so we are taking a long weekend to go and visit some friends. 

We grabbed a quick breakfast at McDonalds of egg McMuffins. Noah isn’t a huge fan of eggs or english muffins so Jen made him banana muffins that he could eat. 

Sitting beside his Sister though while she was eating hers he says:

Sitting beside someone with bacon is hard. 

Favourite Winter Activity

Today we are visiting Ross Farm Museum for their annual winter frolic event. As we were walking from the car into the snow we were talking to the kids about the different activities that were on.

There is sledding, snow shoes, horse sleigh rides, and hot chocolate. At the mention of hot chocolate Caile pipes up:

That’s my favourite winter activity!

Always Thinking

Noah came home from school the other day while I was away all proud of himself. Their school gives out Bravos to students when they are caught being or doing something good. Positive reinforcement at it’s finest. They can then save up these bravos and trade them in for a reward.

Noah found that if he picks up garbage out side and someone sees him they will give him a bravo. At first this was good intention, but what he was proud of was because he found an easier way. He told Jen:

Today I took my own garbage from my lunch outside and showed the teacher before I put it in the garbage and I got a bravo. I didn’t even have to try to find any outside.

Jen had a bit of a talk about honestly with him after that.

The All Knowing

Ah the joys of parenthood. Caile is at that age, really she’s been there for a while, where she realizes her Parents don’t know everything, but that’s OK because she has a solution.

Today she brought home her musical instrument from school that she will be playing in the band. She decided early on she wanted it to be the clarinet and that’s what she ended up with. Jen and my sister both played it when they were younger, and even though I played the trumpet she wanted nothing to do with it.

Her younger siblings were in the car and asked her if they could see it when she jumped in, she told them it wasn’t together but she would show them the pieces. Joking around with her I asked if she knew how to put it together. She said she didn’t but would figure it out.

Mom will know how to put it together, well she should, but if not that’s OK because I’ll just use YouTube.

No More Blueberries

Getting ready for bed Noah wanted to have blueberries for a snack. He had already eaten them a couple times during the day and can go through quite a few. Jen told him he couldn’t have any more today or else he would turn into a blueberry. Without missing a beat he said:

That’s what I want to do, that way I can eat myself.