Birthday Weekend

This past Friday was my 36th birthday. The same day Noah had a class trip to Noggins Corner Farm, so I took the day off and went with him and his class. It was a cold windy day but we still had a good time. Every time I go on a class trip though I gather more respect for teachers. They modestly remind me that not every day is like a class trip, but even eating lunch was an ordeal 🙂

Our little group flew through the corn maze and with them as the leaders we were the second group out with all our stamps. The farm also has a large play area with the kids loved playing on. Complete with a large tire mountain with tunnels running underneath it. Thankfully no game of king of the castle broke out because that could have been dangerous. The wind was so bad at one point that it blew over a large bridge structure that was in place with us all standing there. Thank goodness no kids were on or beside it when it happened or the results would not have been good.

Our walk through a bit of their trails to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch was really nice and the kids each were able to pick an apple for a snack and a pumpkin to take home at the end. They were instructed to pick small pumpkins so they could carry them, but there weren’t many small ones left so my arms ended up a bit sore as well.

That night at home we had a nice family dinner and Jen had a wonderful dessert made for me. Mini cherry cheesecakes with Wapuu toppers on them! My large number of years didn’t lend themselves to fitting on top of the cheesecake very well, but they still tasted delicious.

Saturday the kids decorated and carved their pumpkins and I was able to get a nice run in. My running hasn’t been as regular lately, but I’ve been exploring different trails that I’ve never been on all near my home, and with the autumn colours, and no set goal in mind, my runs have been more enjoyable that they have been for a long time. They were starting to become more chore like, but now it is just fun.

Starting in the afternoon we started at the mall trick or treating, it’s great for the younger kids and it’s cool to get together with friends and see everyones costumes in a warm light place.  From there we have a bit of a new tradition where we head out to a friends place with a bunch of our families for a quick dinner and then head out around their subdivision with the kids. We had a pretty big group of us going around. With all the loot they brought home I’m going to have to step up my will power game a bit more again.

That night however was not the best night once we arrived home. Between the time change and one of the kids up with the flu in the night there wasn’t a lot of sleep and an early wake up call. Who says you get an extra hour of sleep. It would be great to get rid of DST all together.

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