Surprise Date Night

Last night Jen surprised me pretty good. She had plans for a while to go to the movies last night with a friend. After supper as I was cleaning things up she surprised me to let me know that it was actually her and I who were going to movies and that my mother was on her way to look after the kids.

My first reaction was to surprise her back, so I told her that we couldn’t go because I had scheduled some meetings at work earlier for once the kids went to bed seeing as she wasn’t going to be around. I guess that was pretty mean, but I didn’t let it go on too long before I told her I was kidding.

We went to see the Intern which I had been wanting to see and it didn’t disapoint. It wasn’t a complex movie but it was perfect to go and watch with Jen so we could spend a bit of time just us.

After the movie I told Jen I was going to switch out my hoodies for a suit and tie everyday. Pretty sure that wouldn’t last very long though, having only one suit that doesn’t really fit me anymore.

The kids came home from school and were thoroughly confused as to what was happening. They came in the door than ran back out, “Why’s dad in a suit? He’s all dressed up, he’s even got that gel stuff in his hair”



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