Long Weekend Get Away

Today we arrived home from a great long weekend away. We went to visit our good friends in New Brunswick. It’s always nice to get to see them and their family. It’s also nice to get away from the every day routine for a while as well. Also I may have been spoiled as they have an espresso machine, so there was good coffee all day everyday.

Given my new running goal I knew I would have to get a run in while I was there. I figured Sunday morning would be a good time so Saturday night I mapped out a few different routes. I wanted to get in a 10k so it would make the rest of the week easier to reach my goal. One option was to run a 3.5k loop from their house a few times and that’s what I settled on. Until I ran up the first hill which was long and steep. Before I made it to the top I knew I was changing it up and running the 10k loop I found that went down a windy side street. There were still hills but I wouldn’t have to go up that one hill two more times.

Besides the cold, there were a few flakes in the sky when I first left, it was a beautiful day out. There were a few times where the wind was really strong which made it even colder feeling, but not too bad. As it wasn’t the route I intended on I didn’t really map it out super well and where I was my phone didn’t get any signal so it wasn’t terribly surprising I got off course a bit and was a bit lost. The realization came when I could see up ahead that the road I was on came to an end. There had been an intersection a little bit back so I was pretty sure that’s where I was supposed to have turned instead of going straight so I turned around. There was someone out in their front yard so I asked them to be sure and I was right. Between the hills, cold, wind, and extra 3k I was pretty sore and tired at the end, but there were some great views looking across the US border.

We had a lot of family fun as well. We headed out to a farm over in Maine just across the border. We played some mini golf, visited the animals, and got to see a water slide to no where. If we had come a bit earlier in the season we could have done their corn maze and carousel too. We’ll come back next year I’m sure.

The river front in town was beautiful. We had a pretty warm day so we decided to spend some time down there. We took a walk across the bridge then down the river for a while. It was wonderfully relaxing. Sitting on a piece of wood washed ashore and watching my family play and looking down the river was some of my favourite time during the trip.

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