New .blog Site Address

For many of my tech following readers may know Automattic, my employer, is behind the new domain extension .blog. The .blog domains were just recently released to be generally available to anyone who would like to register one. If you would like to, you can over at

Yesterday the activation was finished and I setup my new address for my blog here. Automattic allowed each employee to reserve a domain name and I thought long and hard about it. I came close to asking for because it’s nice and short. But I already have a pretty nice short domain name of which also redirects people here. So instead I opted for a more useful domain and received

This allows me to also create sub domains so that others in my family, if they wanted to start their own blog, could have a fantastic domain name too. Because I have access to I can now setup sub domains like which is the main address I’m using for this site now. Maybe my kids want to start blogging some day, I can then set them up with if they wish. Last night we switched my wife’s address for her site over so that it is now

I’m pumped to have this new domain for my blog, thank you Automattic!

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