Building Habits

So often I’ve written these type posts, about getting started again when it comes to fitness goals and habits. This time I’m going to start at a different approach.

I’ve just started reading Atomic Habits by James Clear and I’m not far in but I’m already seeing benefits and advice I can take. One of the first items is about the different types of habits. There are Outcome based habits and Identity based habits. When it comes to fitness habits in the past I’ve always focused on outcome of goal based. One of them was an actual example used in the book.

Years ago I had a goal to be able to run the 10k race. I made it and ran the race in less than the time I wanted and then ended up not running for a long time after. That’s happened a number of times over the years. I reach the goal and then stop the good work.

The book says identity based habits are more likely to stick. The idea is you decide who you want to be and focus on habits that get you there. So in this case I want to be a healthy person. What things do healthy people do. They exercise regularly eat proper.

The section I’m in now for the book is talking about Implementation Intentions. You are much more likely to stick with a habit if you create a clear plan about when and how you are going to complete it.

This makes sense to me as I’ve had the most success when I’ve written about my goals and outline my plans. I’m going to combine these two concepts a bit and focus on being a healthy person and consistently write about my plans and what I’m doing.

Instead of overloading this blog with posts about that I’ve created a new blog I will post daily on with the habits I’m working on If you’re interested you can follow along, if not no worries this is mostly to keep myself honest.

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