Isolation Fitness

With the isolation going on I’ve been working hard on building the habits to become healthy.

I bought a new bike which I absolutely love. The weather hasn’t been the best but I’ve gotten out on a couple good rides. I can’t wait to ride a bunch more.

After a few recommendations I also purchased a book You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren. It has lots of exercises that you can do anywhere without any real equipment. One of the exercises is called Let Me Ups. They are sort of like pull ups except you’re lying down and your feet stay on the ground. You can use things like a table or anything like that.

I really didn’t have anything to use for these so I built something to use. A couple stands with a pole in between. They are really simple and cheap but does the trick.

I have been using them for the pull ups and seated dips. Excuse my poor form and pyjama pants.

I started a push-up program trying to get to 100 pushups. I’ve been doing them every day but took today off as things are getting hard. I’m up to 68 pushups and tomorrow it jumps to 78, so I took today to let the muscles rest and be ready for tomorrow.

I’ve also been running a lot. Mostly indoor on the treadmill. Usually 5Ks sometimes just going for 30 minutes.

It goes really well most of the time, but tonight I had a bit of a mishaps. I went to wipe my head and drifted a bit to the left. I hit the edge and slipped. I skinned my knee and I think I may have broke my big toe, or at least sprained it really bad. That takes skill let me tell you.

So far I’m building good habits again and while the scale isn’t moving I feel like I’m getting stronger. I think I’m in a good place and will be able to keep this up.

11 thoughts on “Isolation Fitness

  1. Ohhh nooo, I know what a broken toe is like! Is it purple, or has it turned green yet? Yikes.

    Good for your with all your exercising! You are an inspiration!! I also love your bar with wooden stand that you made! Good for you!

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      1. In my case I was really curious to know, ‘cause it was hurting a lot even a week later. I had it x-rayed and they said the bone was cracked. It healed on its own finally. (I used a crutch for a day.)


    1. Toe fractures and breaks can be tough to pinpoint.

      From high school football, as a lineman, I’ve had many bone fractures in my hand that I didn’t even know till I went and got an X-RAY because of a cut by a knife, years after.

      Scar and fragments were still hanging around on the bone from high school.

      I remember the discomfort, but injuring like that happened so often to me that I thought I was just being a panzy 😅

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  2. Way to make the most of it, Sandy!

    There are a lot of opportunities from the recent events, from financial to self-growth.
    I’ve written about a few myself. 🤔

    Some will utilize the opportunity to grow, others won’t.

    I’m glad to see that you’re choosing to do what you can with what you have.

    Nicely written, thanks for sharing! 😄


  3. This is very cool, and I like the fact that you built it. I give you a stamp on your man card. keep up the good work on your fitness journey coach C….


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