Office Today

Today I was meeting with a friend I hadn’t talked to for a while to have coffee and to chat about working remotely. 

It’s not very often I leave the house to work so I decided I’d head down early and do some work from the cafe. It’s nice to get a change of scenery every once in a while. I decided I’d also try standing to work while I was there so I took my keyboard, mouse, and roost stand, with me. It worked out really well and I got to drink delicious coffee at the same time. 

I think my laptop could use a bit of a cleaning though. 

Christmas Café with Hot Chocolate

Tonight at our Church we held our annual Christmas Café. We get together with friends, very talented people get up and perform, and there are snacks and hot chocolate for everyone.

This year my two youngest Daughters Caile and Ella along with my twin nieces decided they would sing The First Noel. They did a wonderful job.

Last minute Alexandria found the courage to get over her stage fright and went up and sang Silent Night a capella.

Noah didn’t perform but he enjoyed the snacks. He even patient waiting for the hot chocolate to cool off. Just as it reached the right temperature he went to take a sip to test and promptly spilled a bunch on his leg. Without missing a beat he looked, grinned at me and said:

“It feels just about right.”

The Café is always one of my favourite nights and I’m very proud of my daughters for sharing their songs with everyone.