Father’s Day

Yesterday Jen and the kids all gave me a wonderful Father’s Day. They helped make me some French toast for breakfast with lovely raspberries and blueberries on top.

In the afternoon we all went to see the new movie Inside Out.

My favourite part though are the cards and little gifts they gave. Some are hilarious and very fitting. I’ll share some pictures of them below.

That’s not a R

Noah was making a Father’s Day card today for his Grandfather. He had me write out the words on paper so he could spell them right.

I’ve never been known for my penmanship. So when he asked me what letter R was in Father’s I wasn’t surprised. I told him what it was and his response was this.

That isn’t a R! This is how we make them in school.

He the proceeded to make a very good looking R on the card. I guess it’s a good thing I learned how to type.