Potentially uncomfortable start to our trip

We started out on our trip this morning for a month long trip across most of the USA/Canada. We're going, in a large part, to visit my sister, her husband, and new Nephew in Alberta. Old enough we just left them in Nova Scotia! They were down visiting but will fly back before we make it there.

The first part of our trip involved taking the ferry from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick. Ella gets motion sickness in cars but on boats as well. So last night I stopped to pick her up some Gravol, anti nausea medicine. When we were a little bit from the ferry I pulled them out to give her some and started laughing pretty hard. I have her the package to read and she got pretty mad at me. I may have had some tears from the situation.

Boston Day

Yesterday we spent the day touring around Boston with our big clan.

We all met at the Charlestown Navy Yard so we could catch a short ferry ride across the harbor to get a great view of the city. We did this from Hingham last visit and everyone enjoyed it. This one was a lot shorter but also a lot cheaper as well. 

From there we walked up and hung out in the Boston Common and Public Gardens. Such a beautiful area. The frog pond is always a favourite so everyone can splash around a bit and get cool. From there we stopped and had a bit of a picnic lunch in the shade. 

Noah has an affection for swans ever since a few years ago a couple swam up into our yard at a cottage we were renting. This made taking the swan boat ride a much easier decision. It’s a nice relaxing way to get a view of some of the gardens and one of the best parts of my day. 

Later in the afternoon the kids long awaited visit to Legoland was on the schedule. It didn’t disappoint! They were thrilled to be running around playing with Lego and going on the couple rides there. The 4D movie theatre was a hit for some, but the falling rain and snow wasn’t for everyone. 

After a quick late dinner we headed to our next destination. We made it to our hotel on Hampton Beach not long before the fireworks show. It was a little chilly but worth it. The kids, and Jen and I, had no problem falling asleep. 

Welcome Home Surprises

Welcome Home Surprises

We have made it home! It was an amazing vacation but I’m very thankful to be in my own home, to get clean in my own shower, to sleep in my own bed, and have fast stable internet connection 🙂 No more having the the younger girls share a bed or Jen and I on either side of Noah in double beds.

We woke up early this morning and hit the road. We had talked about it off and on but finally decided the night before to book the ferry from Saint John New Brunswick to Digby Nova Scotia. This saves us a large drive around where we can get out and stretch and move around while still making progress to home. It also puts a time constraint on us though. We had to be there to make the ferry or we’d miss it.

This meant it was a long day of driving without really stopping. We only stopped twice, once for gas and bathroom break and one more to grab lunch to eat in the car.

When we arrived home the first thing I noticed as a surprise was my peony has its first bloom. It apparently just opened today to welcome us home.

When we opened the door inside there were welcome home cards on the counter from my sister and her kids along with some fresh strawberries. She had also picked us up some groceries so we had things like milk and bread so we didn’t have to worry about that stuff. What a nice thing!