Potentially uncomfortable start to our trip

We started out on our trip this morning for a month long trip across most of the USA/Canada. We're going, in a large part, to visit my sister, her husband, and new Nephew in Alberta. Old enough we just left them in Nova Scotia! They were down visiting but will fly back before we make it there.

The first part of our trip involved taking the ferry from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick. Ella gets motion sickness in cars but on boats as well. So last night I stopped to pick her up some Gravol, anti nausea medicine. When we were a little bit from the ferry I pulled them out to give her some and started laughing pretty hard. I have her the package to read and she got pretty mad at me. I may have had some tears from the situation.

Day 10 Christmas Note

Ella had another note for me today! I get a kick out of these. The kids aren’t that messy really, but if they do clean up after themselves a little bit more it wouldn’t hurt my feelings that’s for sure.

Dad Thanks for helping us clean up when I clean with you I love doing it and thank you for helping me trick mom.

I love giving her pranks I know it’s not nice but I love doing it. I know me, Caile and Noah are pigs and I’m sorry for that but thank you for helping mom to clean it up I’ll try and remember to clean my messes up next time (remember the next two days are for you and mom so you and mom can open it together)

Day 10 Christmas Note

Day 8 Christmas Note

For my day 8 note I have been given some circles I can check off to claim free things! I’m looking forward to some cuddle time, but I’m pretty sure I could have gotten this stuff without checking boxes 😀

Dad. Your so amazing I’m gonna give you free stuff put a ✓ in the circle if you use it.

Free Hug ⭕️ ← put ✓  here
Free Cuddle time 30 min ⭕️
Free cuddle time 1:00 hour ⭕️

you can split up the cuddle tiem for 2 30m instead of an hour. but anyway I hope you know how much I love you. I don’t know what I would do without you Your wonderful amazing FABOULOS! love you

From: Ella


Day 6 Christmas Note

Day 6 Christmas Note

Today’s note was pretty good timing as Ella and I just went out yesterday for our Christmas shopping date. We had a great time and it is obviously building good memories for her as we hadn’t had one yet this year when she wrote this note for me.

Dad. Thank you for taking us out on shopping dates I love spending time with you. I love that we have our weekends full with fun activities. Its fun to go around and spend time with our family. I thank you that you and mom plan out our weekend so we have something new and fun every day I love you so much ❤️ xoxo ❤️

Thanks for reading Sincerely Ella ❤️ xoxo

Day 6 Christmas Note

Day 4 Christmas Note

Day 4 Christmas Note

It was my day to take a note from the 12 days calendar Ella brought home from school. Reading these are making me feel pretty good, but also giving me some things to think about. From this note I think I need to do a better job showing that I enjoy spending time with them no matter where we are or go.

Yeah McDonald’s might not be my choice of a restaurant to go to, but we eat out so little that if they want to go there I’m OK with it.

Dad. Thank you for fixing everything thats broken in the house (for example the TV) and thank your for taking us out I love spending time with you and I also love that when we get in the car to go home after school you ask us whats the best part about our day. I love being able to tell you what was wonderfull, silly and sad about my day.

Thank you for everything that you do cause I know some places that you take us you don’t do and you take us there because of us you wouldn’t be there if you went somewhere with me, Caile or Noah. So I think you for taking us to those places even if you don’t enjoy them or get to play where ever we are. So I’m thanking you as much as I can.

Day 4 Note

Christmas Notes

Christmas Notes

Yesterday our youngest daughter Ella came home from school with a twelve days of Christmas calendar. Each day has a note in it whose recipient alternates between Jen and I. Yesterday was Day 1 and had a note for Jen. Today was a note for me. Jen warned me hers made her cry so I was at least a bit prepared.

My family is pretty sweet and I’m very lucky to have them. Here’s a transcription of the note she gave me today, just as it was hand written. ❤️

Dad I wanted to tell you how glad I am that your my dad. I don’t know what I would do without you. I’m so thankfull that I get this time to tell you that your the best dad I could ever have your the best dad in the world.

I don’t know if I ever told you how much I miss you when you leave for work and I hope you know that how ever long you leave for we’ll always be glad that your coming home. If I could wish for something it would be to have more wish’s but one of my wish’s would be for everyone to have the same sense of humor as you. I love when you tease me and I want you to know that how ever far away you are when you go for work I’ll always love you the same amount.

Thank you for always being there for me. I love you so much dad xoxo

Day 2 Note

Baby girl turns nine

Today my baby girl Ella turns nine years old. She had her friends party this weekend with cupcakes crafts. But today is her actual birthday and it is just family night. 

Each birthday Jen lets the kids choose what they want for their birthday meal and dessert. Ella is not hard to please she wanted chicken nuggets and french fries. For her dessert though she wanted chocolate truffles. 

What a cutie she is!