Should Sleep Tonight

Should Sleep Tonight

The past few nights I have not been sleeping properly. A couple nights in a hotel and getting ready to go meetup with my team have led to some tossing and turning. 

This afternoon has been great though. Getting together with family and friends we went for a two hour hike through the woods to get to a little waterfall area. The kids did really well and didn’t complain at all until about the last five minutes that their legs were getting tired. 

First Real Snow Fall

First Real Snow Fall

It was forecasted for a few days now, so we knew it was coming, but we were still hoping things would change. Unfortunately it finaly hit and we now have a fair amount of snow on the ground.

It’s still falling as I write this, but it slowing down and I think most of the accumulation is done. I’ll have to go clear the driveway soon.

We took advantage though and have been using this time to get our house back in order after a mad Christmas. I even went through all my closet and storage container to get rid of clothes that are too big for me. In the past I’ve always held on in case I went back up in weight. That’s like giving my self an excuse that it’s OK to do that. Not anymore they are all going. Part of my motivation for this was when I posted a comparison family picture from six years ago to this Christmas. I still had the same sweater I was wearing and I wore it a few days ago, even though it floated on me. Time for it to go.

Once all that was done it felt like a good time to make the most of the snow and get out for at least a short walk to enjoy it. I could only convince Noah to come with me, but he and I went for a little trek into a little wooded path. As much as I could do without it, the snow really is beautiful.


Snow Shoeing

Feeling like I had been trapped in the house too much lately after the stormy weather I finally decided to get out side and do something besides move snow. 

It started by making a quick detour on the way to the grocery store to my favourite walking trail. I didn’t make it far because I was just in jeans and boots but it looked very nice and so I decided to get out a bit more. 


Luckily good family friends have snow shoes so Sam and I took a long lunch break and went for a walk through the woods. It was the first time I was really on snow shoes. I was surprised how much of a workout it was. 

It was a beautiful day out and just what I needed.