Two Months Later

Obviously the summer months have made me slack in updating this site, and if it wasn’t for Jen reminding me last night I probably wouldn’t be writing this right now. She has been keeping up her part by updating our photo album, so I guess I’m just slack.

As you can see if you have checked out the pictures we have kept fairly busy for most of the summer. There is way too much to write about in one post so I’m just going to start at last weekend. For everything else the pictures will have to speak for themselves 🙂

So, last weekend was probably one of the most enjoyable of the summer for me. Saturday right after lunch we left and started down towards the Yarmouth end of the province. Jen’s Great Aunt Claire who Ella received her middle name from was visiting from New Hampshire and we hadn’t seen Jen’s Grand parents on her Fathers side for some time. We wanted to make a weekend out of it so we could also visit friends and be able to break up the drive for the kids.

For our first stop we went to the National Historic site of Port-Royal where they have recreated the Habitation. It was quite interesting to walk through the building as see sort of what it would have been like for some of Canada’s first European settlers. The girls liked going through as well and playing with some of the old tools, and trying on the wooden shoes that would have been worn.

From there we headed to the Mavillette beach in the Acadian region of Clare. It wasn’t the warmest when we got there and the tide was way out, but we all had fun walking through the sand while the girls collected sea shells. It seemed like a very nice beach and on a warmer day it would be nice to go back and have a swim.

After leaving the beach we continued on to Port Maitland where we stayed the night visiting with the Parker family. It was our first time meeting their new baby boy. Our girls just love babies so they had a great time trying to entertain him. We don’t get to see Jenn and Nathan very often but it is always great when we do. Hopefully we will make it back down that way more often. We stayed for lunch the next day and then started to head over to Pubnico to visit with our family. It was a short visit as the kids were starting antsy from sitting in the car and then sitting around the house, but it was a good visit.

We then made our way up the other shore heading towards Bridgewater where we were going to eat supper. On the way we stopped off at another beach. We had heard many good things about it but have never had a chance to get there. Everything we heard was right. Out of all the beaches I’ve been too in Nova Scotia this is about the nicest. The white sand and the clear water made it just beautiful. We ended up spending more time that we intended to because it was so nice, but also because when we got back to the car we realized that neither Jen or I had our keys.

Jen purposely left her’s locked in the trunk so she didn’t have to carry her purse. But someone, and just who it was is still up for debate at our house, left my keys sitting at the bottom of the trunk as well. So lucky us the only two sets of keys for our car are locked in the trunk with all the doors locked. The mosquitoes around the car were so thick as well, everyone was getting eaten alive. To avoid being one big bug bite, Jen and the girls went back down to the beach and were in the process of calling someone to come help us get into our car.

Jen had left her window down just a crack not nearly enough to fit an arm in, but I was lucky and found a stick the I managed to get in and unlock the door. Even more lucky one of the back seats was not fully latched and I was able to fold it down and get Jen’s purse out of the trunk. After all that excitement everyone was getting quite hungry so we stopped in Liverpool and ate McDonalds instead of stopping in Bridgewater for something good hahaha.

All in all it was a great weekend maybe if we are lucky we will be able to fit in another weekend like that before I start back to classes, which is getting very close to happening :-/


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