Day five – Washington DC

We spent the day exploring some of Washington, so far I really like this city. We pushed the kids again and did a fair amount of walking for some of their little legs. The heat is a bit more than we are used to so that slowed everyone down a bit too. Jen is the only one who really didn’t mind it at all. She said it is the first time she has felt warm this summer. There were fountains all over where we went which was fantastic. Everyone could drink and fill up our water bottles.

On our drive in we drove past the Canadian Embassy. It was Canada Day so there were all kinds of people outside celebrating. It was really neat to see and I wish we could have stopped, but we were meeting our friends at the parking area we arranged. Speaking of parking, we were referred to Parking Panda to book parking spots, and it is fantastic.

We only touched a few things today, but we went past the Washington Monument, then to the World War II Memorial. Continued on to the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool. It is really cool to see all these famous places up close an in real life.

Noah especially at this point was getting worn out, so we decided to head into the Smithsonian Museum of American History. We only took in a tiny fraction of this one, but it was really cool. We spent most of the time in the transportation exhibit.

We’re looking forward to go back in today to see some more museums and the other sights.

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