Day Six – More Washington

It was calling for rain off and on today so we planned to be indoors for most of it. After rushing through only part of a museum yesterday it was nice to be able to start the day fresh and with lots of time for the Natural History Museum

The museum has so many great exhibits and the kids didn’t seem to get bored of any of them. This didn’t surprise me about the ones like the dinosaurs but even the gems section kept them looking at everything. 

When we finished up it wasn’t raining so we walked towards the White House. When we were about a block away a bunch of sirens and law enforcement on motor cycles came down the street stopping traffic. We aren’t sure who was in the motorcade but the kids thought it was very cool to watch. 

On the walk the clouds started getting darker and we felt a few little drops. We didn’t have umbrellas so we didn’t stay too long and headed back to the car. The kids wanted to do some shopping so we went back for a quick supper and off to the mall. 


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