Drive to Washington DC

Yesterday was a long driving day. Seems fitting that our odometer would roll over 200,000 KM during the trip. We went through seven states all together to get to our final destination for the next few nights. We started out in Massachusetts, through part of Connecticut, to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and endingContinue reading “Drive to Washington DC”

Day Eight – Chesapeake Beach and Fireworks

Yesterday was Independence Day. What an opportunity being right next to the Nations Capital. Someday I might look back and regret our decision to stay out of downtown Washington DC for the day, but we had a great day anyway.  The weather was off and on raining all day. At some points it came downContinue reading “Day Eight – Chesapeake Beach and Fireworks”

Day Seven – National Zoo

Our smart phones are our lifeline when on vacation. We use them to most of research when we are out, stay in communication with home, each other, and with our friends traveling with us. Most importantly they are our navigation systems.  Jen is partial to Apple Maps, but I prefer Google Maps, either way theyContinue reading “Day Seven – National Zoo”

Day Six – More Washington

It was calling for rain off and on today so we planned to be indoors for most of it. After rushing through only part of a museum yesterday it was nice to be able to start the day fresh and with lots of time for the Natural History Museum.  The museum has so many greatContinue reading “Day Six – More Washington”