Oh you mean like this?

Picture it, a beautiful summer evening, you’re with your family on a beautiful warm beach having a photo session with a photographer. The sun is setting and the sky looks as though an artist has used it as their canvas.

While others are having their picture taken you are walking through the edge of the water. Your kids are close by playing and walking in the water as well looking for hermit crabs and shells. You hear your wife say to your daughter, what are you doing, you can’t be taking pictures with your phone over the water like that.

You turn to look and see that the scene should be captured in a picture. You reach into your pocket to pull out your phone and oops. You look down and in the clear water you can clearly see the WordPress logo on your case staring back up at you. Quickly you pick it up and turn it off, but instantly you know it’s over. You look to your wife and daughter and say or else this could happen and show them the phone dripping with salt water.

On the way home you stop and pick up rice and put the phone in to dry it out. Knowing full well that might work if it were fresh water that might stand a chance.

4 thoughts on “Oh you mean like this?

      1. I saw a advertisement before a YouTube video recently where a man poured a glass of water on his laptop then put the dog on it just before his wife walked it. She thought the dog had peed on the laptop and the man pretended to be horrified and the punchline was, “Someone wants a new laptop”.


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