My favourite way to relax

My favourite way to relax

Tomorrow morning I start back to work after a week off. Previously I had a bad habit of at least checking in on work a few times while I was supposed to be away. This time though I disconnected almost entirely. Not even coming into Slack to socialize with my team.

We spent most of our week in Moncton, around a three hour drive away. It was pretty close compared to some of our last few trips but it was exactly what was needed. We rented an Airbnb with close family. It was exactly what I needed.

We had a great mix of fun and relaxation. We visited TreeGo which is a ropes course is a mix of obstacles and zip lines. It was one of my favourite parts of the trip but physically exhausting. Luckily the next day we headed to the beach.

The beach is our families happy place and this beach is one of the best around. We’ve had our family pictures taken there a few times. The water is pretty warm for the Atlantic Ocean, the sand is beautiful, and the water is nice and calm. Was able to out and play with the kids, but also relax.

Out on the water with the kids playing around, the sun high and warm in the sky, I was able to lay back and just float on my back. The water blocking out most of the noise around, the water calm and warm, and my eyes closed. So extremely peaceful. The only thing that I worried about was the life guards thinking I was in trouble without moving. I could have lay there for hours I think.

This morning I went for a 30km bike ride and the the heat was intense. The last 5km were rough and extremely hot. We ended up heading to the lake in the afternoon which allowed me to to relax and rest my tired legs. I was able to float there but the fresh water is not the same as salt water which makes it easier to stay up.

It was a wonderful way to end a vacation but looking forward to lots of summer left to spend some time on the water with my family and friends.

Last Day of Christmas Break

Today is the last day of Christmas break before the kids head back to school. We decided to head to the beach for a little walk. It was pretty windy and cold, but still very nice.

The last big wind storm we had changed the layout of the land. The bridge in one of the pictures below used to take you from the parking lot area onto the shore with a stream running underneath it. The stream doesn’t go under it anymore and you can just walk onto the shore.

Nova Scotia Summer

Nova Scotia Summer

While most summers we take a trip away from home and away from Nova Scotia that is only small part. We still love Nova Scotia and spend lots of time finding things to do here as well. 

We have a really great Muesum system here. There are 28 sites as part of it across the Province. In years past we buy a family annual pass which allows us access to all of them. We haven’t done that this year so far but we may still. 

This year, in partnership with our also awesome library system, they are piloting a Culture Pass. It works like borrowing an eBook from the library. Each library group in the system have so many available and people can borrow one for the specified time and use it to have access to the museums!

Yesterday we tried to borrow one for the first time to go to one of the museums but they happened to be all taken. I have access to two library groups and one has. 200 passes available with 6 people waiting for each and the other had 100 with 2 people waiting for them. Even though j was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to use the pass, it was also very exciting to see it getting so much use. Hopefully everyone borrowing them are visiting museums!

Our local library group also has a Summer Reading Club which I’ve written about before. The kids get to do activities and spend time reading to earn a pass to Upper Clemments Park. This makes another good day trip which we always enjoy as well. 

Today we are off on another day trip to do one of our favourite things and visit relaxing Nova Scotia Beach. Yesterday as part of your day we stopped at one as well. There are so many to choose from but today’s is one of our families top choices each year and we haven’t been yet. A few years back we started making a point of visiting new ones we hadn’t been to yet and I want to do that again soon. 

There are so many things to do and lots which don’t cost much or anything at all for families to do here. How are you spending your summer?

Alarm not working

Once again this morning my alarm seems not to be working. It did go off at 6:00 am but I was already up looking at this view. 

This is our last morning on Hampton Beach and I’m a bit sad. It means vacation is almost over, but I really enjoy this beach. So thankful we get to spend a bit more time here this morning before heading out. 

Labour Day Long Weekend

This past weekend was Labour Day weekend. In past years it was always our last little get away for the summer. This year though the kids started school a couple days before and we had a few getaways this summer already so we didn’t take off. We did have lots of fun though. It was also a little sad though too because it was my sister and brother in laws last days here with us before flying home yesterday.

Saturday we did a trip around the lower part of the province.


Sunday we went to the shore to celebrate my brother in laws birthday with a bunch of people. We cooked wieners on the beach and had some s’mores and other treats. It was a nice relaxing day on the beach.

Monday Caile and Ella were in a parade for their dance company. They danced their way through the whole parade even though it was a really hot day. They’re not scared of some hard work. Once the parade was done we headed out to a lake with everyone to cool off and spend some last time with our visiting family.

Day at the Beach

We had a long but fun day today. Seemed like a lot of driving, because it was, but we broke it up with stops along the way. To start we got up bright and early and headed down one shore of Nova Scotia to visit Jen’s Grandparents.

We unfortunately don’t get down very often, but it was great to visit for a while. They have a new dog since the last time we visited so the kids were especially excited to meet her.

When we left there we headed up the other shore of Nova Scotia towards Thomas Raddall Provincial Park. My sister a bunch of great friends were camping there so we meet up with them for the afternoon. There is a beautiful beach there that we spent most of the time on. The kids built sand castles and caught crabs. We had never been to this beach before and it is up there with one of my favourites now.

We then headed back to the camp sites where the kids ran and played with each other between different ones while we cooked up some supper. We had little portable bbq, portable stove, and camp fire all going cooking up stuff. Once again I was good and prepared and brought a better alternative with me to eat instead of the delicious burgers that everyone else was having 🙂

No camp fire can be complete with some s’mores for desert. Even though I was roasting marshmallows for them. I stayed away from those as well.

Afternoon in Chester Nova Scotia

Yesterday afternoon we took a drive into Chester Nova Scotia. It’s a beautiful village right on the coast. There is a neat little beach that we like there called Freda’s Beach. It’s not very big, but the view is lovely and the kids like playing in the water and finding creatures like star fish and crabs. It was a nice relaxing day. I didn’t go in the water at the beach but laid around watching the kids play.

Right across the street from the beach is Chester public pool called Lido pool. It is an outdoor salt water pool right on the water. You can swim out to the far wall and look out over water.