Dad Joke

On the drive to dance class Ella and I ended up in a conversation about house numbers. She speculated that having a house number like 1 would make it easier to remember. Showing her where number 1 on our street was I said I wouldn’t want to live there because it is at the beginning of the street and a lot busier than where we live.

After going over a few different numbers we came to the reason she wanted a new house number. Out house number has the number 7 in it.

I hate the number 7.

I told her not to let seven hear her say that because seven is mean and scary number. All the other numbers are scared of seven seeing as 7 8 9. Not getting it I repeated and did it a bit slower. Everyone is scared of 7 because seven ate nine. You know 9 is in 7’s belly.

Still nothing. So I had to go into full explain mode. We’re having pizza for supper tonight so afterwards I can tell everyone that Ella ate pizza. Same thing 7 ate 9. All pleased with herself that she now got it she wanted to know if she could tell her friends.

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