End of Soccer

Noah’s soccer season is coming to an end this week. They have one last practice but it is more of a fun time where they will get together as a team, have some treats and maybe play a parents vs kids game Tonight they gave out the medals to the team.

I’ve never been a big soccer fan, but Noah loves it and I love watching him play. It’s still just a bunch of kids all running in a glob after the ball, but he’s getting a lot better. He’s made some great passes, and has even wanted to play Goalie a bunch this year.

My favourite part is he gives it his all when he is out there. He doesn’t stop running up and down the field and isn’t scared to challenge anyone for the ball. I’m looking forward to see how he grows his skills as he gets older.

Photo 2015-08-11, 7 23 29 PM

2 thoughts on “End of Soccer

  1. Your little boy is so cute!! This reminds me of my son’s soccer “career” when he was 6 and then 7. The first year, they were the champions of their league! Yayy! His next (and last!) year, they, well, weren’t. But they had fun! I think it was understand that the most fun they had was the popsicles after each game. 🙂


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