Striking Out with the Jokes

I’ve been striking out with the jokes lately. Today I was driving Caile to her friends house and going through town traffic was busy and moving slow. It’s a single two way street with a middle left turning lane.

Caile suggested she wished we could just drive up the middle and pass everyone. I asked her if there was a reason that might not be a good idea, and she knew right away why it wouldn’t work. It reminded me of a joke that I heard years ago though so I told her.

When I heard the joke it was based in Newfoundland, but you can insert what ever Province or State you want to make fun of.

Did you hear that Newfoundland is going to change their traffic laws? From now on they’re going to have all the cars start driving on the left side of the road instead of the right. If that works out then next year they’ll move the trucks over too.

Once again it took me a bit to explain the joke and why it was funny. Also as I was dropping her off at her friends house who’s father is from Newfoundland I suggested she not tell them the joke 😉


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