One Year Ago

One year ago today I wrote this post A New Person, New Attitude, and New Goals. It’s a little bitter sweet looking back at that post. I had just hit my weight loss and fitness goal and set some other goals for myself.

Looking back I’ve made good progress on my three other goal areas: Time, Finances, and Happiness. A lot of that has come from me joining Automattic. There is still work to be done, but over the last year I feel we have become more financially stable. My time is more flexible and I get to spend a fair amount with my family. Overall I feel pretty darn happy.

Fitness on the other hand has taken a nose dive. Around mid October last year I ran a 10K race and after that was proud of myself and thought I would slow down a bit. That led to taking a break and falling back into old poor habits. It really seems to be all or nothing with me when it comes to fitness. If I’m not exercising I also end up making poor eating decisions.

Since mid July this year though I’ve started to get back into my good habits. Even though the past little bit I haven’t been exercising as much I feel like I’m pretty much over this cold except for a rotten cough. Last night I started doing Jillian Michaels 90 day body revolution. This is the same program I used when I lost all my weight. This time I’m going to tie it in with my running and am determined to do well in all four of my goal areas by getting my fitness right again.

Looking back at the pictures in my post a year ago is going to be my motivation. I looked and felt so good then, I want to get back there. There are about two months left before this years 10k race I signed up for so I have some work to do, but if I lose weight by working out hard and eating right it’s just going  to help my running come back even faster.

One thought on “One Year Ago

  1. Inspiring post and great to see your still just as determined to get back to where you were with your fitness. You can do it!


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