Day at the Beach

We had a long but fun day today. Seemed like a lot of driving, because it was, but we broke it up with stops along the way. To start we got up bright and early and headed down one shore of Nova Scotia to visit Jen’s Grandparents.

We unfortunately don’t get down very often, but it was great to visit for a while. They have a new dog since the last time we visited so the kids were especially excited to meet her.

When we left there we headed up the other shore of Nova Scotia towards Thomas Raddall Provincial Park. My sister a bunch of great friends were camping there so we meet up with them for the afternoon. There is a beautiful beach there that we spent most of the time on. The kids built sand castles and caught crabs. We had never been to this beach before and it is up there with one of my favourites now.

We then headed back to the camp sites where the kids ran and played with each other between different ones while we cooked up some supper. We had little portable bbq, portable stove, and camp fire all going cooking up stuff. Once again I was good and prepared and brought a better alternative with me to eat instead of the delicious burgers that everyone else was having 🙂

No camp fire can be complete with some s’mores for desert. Even though I was roasting marshmallows for them. I stayed away from those as well.

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