Labour Day Long Weekend

This past weekend was Labour Day weekend. In past years it was always our last little get away for the summer. This year though the kids started school a couple days before and we had a few getaways this summer already so we didn’t take off. We did have lots of fun though. It was also a little sad though too because it was my sister and brother in laws last days here with us before flying home yesterday.

Saturday we did a trip around the lower part of the province.


Sunday we went to the shore to celebrate my brother in laws birthday with a bunch of people. We cooked wieners on the beach and had some s’mores and other treats. It was a nice relaxing day on the beach.

Monday Caile and Ella were in a parade for their dance company. They danced their way through the whole parade even though it was a really hot day. They’re not scared of some hard work. Once the parade was done we headed out to a lake with everyone to cool off and spend some last time with our visiting family.

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